Mike Oldfield - The Killing Fields 1984-CDV2328 Album

1Mike OldfieldPran's Theme00:48
2Mike OldfieldRequiem For A City02:10
3Mike OldfieldEvacuation05:12
4Mike OldfieldPran's Theme Two01:43
5Mike OldfieldCapture02:23
6Mike OldfieldExecution04:47
7Mike OldfieldBad News01:14
8Mike OldfieldPran's Departure02:06
9Mike OldfieldWorksite01:16
10Mike OldfieldThe Year Zero00:28
11Mike OldfieldBlood Sucking01:19
12Mike OldfieldThe Year Zero Two00:36
13Mike OldfieldPran's Escape / The Killing Fields03:16
14Mike OldfieldThe Trek02:02
15Mike OldfieldThe Boy's Burial / Pran Sees The Red Cross02:42
16Mike OldfieldGood News01:46

Год выпуска: 1984
Жанр: Experimental